Livestock Watering System Accessories


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Hog Nursery Water CupHog Finisher Water CupHog Wean to Finisher Water Cup

Livestock drinking water cups to sufficiently supply fresh water to pigs!

The features of KOCA Water Cup are as follows:
1. Its shape and size are based on the pig’s anatomy.
2. Structured to minimize water waste.
3. Water nipple installation is at a low position to minimize water waste.
4. No dead zone. Eliminates caking inside of water cup, making it more hygienic.
5. Projected edges to avoid dust and manure inside of water cup.
6. Edges are oval to avoid injury to pig’s mouth.
7. Edges on the back of the cups are smoothly rolled eliminating injury.


Hog Water Cups
  • Up to 70% water savings
  • The water cup has the most advanced shape and is the most effective water cup on the market.
  • Always dry - no wrinkles or sharp edges.
  • Made of stainless steel for cleanability and longevity.
  • The nipple position allows better water consumption and minimizes water overflow.
  • Three water cups to choose from: wean, finisher and wean to finisher.
  • Pipes available in 10", 36", and 48" bent or straight and 41" PVC.


Plumbing Kits and Barb Fittings are available in nylon and stainless steel.
36" and 48" pipe are now available in 2 tabs.
Pipe Bracket
Pipe Bracket
Universal Stainless Steel Water Cup Backing Plate
Universal Stainless Steel Water Cup Backing Plate

WT-24 Ultimate (4=6" holes)
WT-36 Ultimate ( 6=6" holes)
WT-48 Ultimate ( 8=6" holes)
WT-60 Ultimate (10=6" holes)
NWT-24 Ultimate Nusery Trough (12" Wide)
NWT-36 Ultimate (12" Wide)
NWT-36 Ultimate (16" Wide)


ROUND WATERER (URW-07) 2' Dia., 7 hole's











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