Circulation Fans and Spray Cooling Systems


  Circulation Fans and Spray Cooling Systems are an essential part of relieving heat stress for your herd. Let Lange Ag System's experts help you find the right fan for your dairy operation by calling us today at 320-231-1470!


Schaefer Ventilation offers the agriculture/dairy markets the Barn Kooler circulation fans plus many other styles great for freestall & hoop barns, tie-stall & stanchion barns, tunnel ventilation, holding pen, feedline and shade areas.

Circulation Fans

This Schaefer Ventilation model is one of the most efficient air circulation fans on the dairy market today. It has been fine tuned to deliver an incredible amount or air, draw very little energy, and makes less noise then most other fans.

Freestall barns, feed lines, shades and all agricultural applications requiring a high velocity and large volume of air, and high CFM per watt efficiency.



36" Basket Fans36" Basket Fans
Used primarily for cooling, this fan produces 11,300 cfm at 0 SP. The plastic orifice ring increases the throw because the air stream doesn't spread as quickly as it would with an open wire basket. Flexibility in mounting allows for the direction of air where needed. AP's 36" basket fan is highly effective in reducing heat stress, therefore increasing rate of gain and feed conversion putting more money in the pocket of the producer.



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