Ventilation Systems


Lange Ag Systems designs Cross, Tunnel and End Wall ventilation systems, which move the air between 5-10 mph inside the building.



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  AP's 54" Competitor Series High Performance Belt Drive Ventilation Fan

    Features Include:

    A durable and aerodynamic fiberglass housing and discharge cone backed by a limited life-time warranty

    A high performance stainless steel propeller

  • A PVC shutter included with fan (part # PS-59C)

        A high efficiency 1.75 HP motor in single or three phase

        An automatic belt tensioning system

  • Heavy gauge, corrosion resistant aluminum drive train support

        Stainless steel hardware

        An optional winter closure panel (Part# 20-0697, List Price $ 175.00)

  • AP 54" Competitor Series High Performance Ventilation Fan


    Cross Ventilation Systems

     Cross VentilationCross VentilationCross Ventilation


    Tunnel / End Wall Ventilation Systems

     Tunnel / End Wall Ventilation Systems


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