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Sortall 2 revolution


SortAll® Revolution 2 Brochure (PDF)

Overviewsortall 2 revolution

SortAll® is a patented whole-room pig sorting system specifically designed to address our three tenets of successful automated pig sorting systems.

  • Automatic, repeatable, pig training
  • Sufficient access to food and water at all times
  • Scale utilization encouragement not requirement

SortAll® System

The SortAll® System is divided into three stages of production: training, growing, and marketing.

Training is possibly the most important stage in the system. The scale can at times be the only way to access food (e.g. while marketing) so it’s very important that pigs are comfortable using it. Any period of time where pigs are deterred from food will hurt their growth so they must be trained to use the scale properly. Manual training generally doesn’t work, because, like many things well suited for automation, it’s hard to get it right every time. For this reason, the scale handles training pigs when they’re started and automatically determines when they’re ready for the growth stage (tenet 1).sortall 2 revolution

The growth stage is the longest of the three stages so it’s very important that the pigs’ growth rate is maximized. During this stage pigs can choose to use the scale or optionally bypass it to access food (tenets 2+3). Presented with the two options, trained pigs, on average, choose to utilize the scale 50% of the time.

When it’s time to start marketing, the benefits of the previous two stages pay off. Trained pigs have no problem switching over to the scale as the only way to access food so they’re easily sorted and their growth doesn’t suffer (tenet 2). As soon as the scale finishes sorting, it automatically resumes the activities of the growth stage for the pigs that remain in the pen (tenets 2+3).

SortAll® Revolution 2

SortAll® Revolution 2 is a highly automated pig sorting scale. It’s designed to handle one of two large pens in the SortAll® room layout at a time and automatically switches operation between them as pigs grow. Eight pneumatic gates under the scale’s control allow it to automate the three production stages in the SortAll® system.

Each scale has a software interface which helps growers monitor the progress of pigs as they grow and make decisions when it's time to start marketing. The data collected throughout the production stages is leveraged by the software to provide growers and integrators with valuable information about their pigs.

Weight data in its raw form isn’t of much use because of errors, caused by pigs, which are inherent in the automatic weighing process. Sophisticated filtration algorithms are employed to clean data so it can be used for reports such as real-time average daily gain, weight distribution, average weight, standard deviation, and market load planning/projections.sortall

In order to put weight data to use and track population changes in the room, a population module is provided. Accurate population information is the key to providing calculations such as pigs started, current amount in each pen, total died, total culled, death loss percentage, and total marketed.

While most of the scale’s operation is fully automated growers are still responsible for instructing it to start performing certain activities. The activities module makes it possible to manage the start and end of activities such as training, marketing, cross sorting (sorting between pens), and painting.

Not Just a Scale

The phrase ringing in the ears of many people in the industry regarding automatic pig sorting is “the pigs don’t grow.” Well, that is certainly true when a sorting scale is used in an improperly designed room and/or operated without consideration for the system as a whole.

Focusing too much attention on the scale (a.k.a pig sorter) is a common pitfall when considering automatic pig sorting. Although the scale is the piece of equipment that actually sorts the pigs, it doesn’t ensure the success of a pig sorting system. True success with automatic pig sorting comes from a whole-room system that is both properly designed and operated.

Does It Work?

When designed and operated properly SortAll® finishers outperform conventional finishers with added benefits such as business intelligence data and ease of pig handling while marketing.

The following tables compare the performance of SortAll® and conventional finishers across several sites where over 160,000 pigs were sold.sortall


SortAll® Finisher Performance by Site
Site Groups Sold Head Sold Sort Loss/cwt ADG F/G % Grade One % Death Loss Avg Live Wt
1 8 22,210 $0.55 1.74 2.89 91.0 4.9 262
2 6 25,227 $0.35 1.82 2.80 95.0 3.3 266
3 5 19,650 $0.48 1.72 2.94 88.0 8.8* 265
* Site had significant health problems

Conventional Finisher Performance by Site
Site Groups Sold Head Sold Sort Loss/cwt ADG F/G % Grade One % Death Loss Avg Live Wt
4 9 19,824 $1.33 1.74 3.06 90.0 6.1 265
5 6 23,495 $1.82 1.69 3.02 93.0 4.2 260
6 6 22,863 $1.27 1.67 2.97 93.0 3.6 257
7 8 27,629 $1.40 1.69 2.92 93.0 3.0 262

SortAll® vs. Conventional Finishers
Site Groups Sold Head Sold Sort Loss/cwt ADG F/G % Grade One % Death Loss Avg Live Wt
SortAll® 19 67,087 $0.45 1.76 2.87 91.6 5.4 264
Conventional 29 93,811 $1.46 1.70 2.99 92.4 4.1 261


Working for Success

All SortAll® finishers are designed by us and integrators/growers receive operational guidance as needed to ensure their success.

There are many competing sorting systems in use that suffer from flawed room designs or improper operation. In these scenarios we consult with integrators and growers to determine what changes should be made to turn their performance around.



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