Stanfield® Farrowing Heat Pads


stanfield farrowing heat pads

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Wean Stronger, Healthier Pigs with Stanfield Farrowing Heat Pads that provide a uniformly warm surface 30-35º F (16-20º C) above air temperature. This creates a 90-100º F (32-38º C) resting surface in a 60-70º F (15-21º C) building that’s just right for young pigs. Piglets seek the warmth and rest near the draft barrier, safely away from the sow. The Heat Pad’s tough fistanfield farrowing heat padsberglass-reinforced composite material is molded into a surface that is easy to cleanyet gives piglets solid footing. Draft-barrier cleats and pre-drilled holes for tie-downs make installation easy. Stanfield Farrowing Heat Pads help youincrease overall productivity and let you…

  • Feed for growth, not warmth;
  • Avoid losses from illness and crushing;
  • Reduce room temperature without stressing piglets;
  • Keep sows cooler, more productive






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