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  Dura-Tuff swine flooring systems offer the optimum environment for swine production.  Call Lange Ag Systems at 320-231-1470 for special direct shipping prices to your facility..


nursery floor systemDura-Tuff Brochure (PDF)

provides the combination of high impact, wear resistant plastic flooring with rust and corrosion proof fiberglass beam to create clean, comfortable, long lasting flooring for your pigs.

    Plastic swine flooring is made out of high grade virgin polypropylene material. This makes Dura-Tuff"s wear and impact resistance superior to other plastic floors.
    Our solid plastic construction resists bacteria build up and sheds waste easily.
    Plastic swine floor does not rob pigs of body heat. University studies indicate pigs on plastic floor versus metal floor have shown a 15% improvement in their feed to gain ratio due to less stress.
    Our new 24" x 24" (610mm x 610mm) & 18" x 24" (458mm x 610mm) floor have 7/16" (11mm) openings for better manure filtration. Alternate ribs are elevated. This design feature prevents manure from being pushed to the corners, which can cause premature corrosion on the steel penning.
    Our high/low rib design provides superior traction even when wet.
    Our interlocking system creates a 1/4" (7mm) opening at the end of the floor where it connects to the next floor and a 1/4" (7mm) gap on the sides. These design features are superior to floors which fit tight on the ends and sides. Tight fitting floors create areas where manure can build up making it harder to clean.
    Plastic swine floor can be supported by our corrosion/rust proof fiberglass beams or 1/4" (7mm) galvanized steel beams.

Dura-Tuff's FARROWING FLOOR SYSTEM offers the combination of cast iron sow floor (raised or flat), and plastic creep floor all on a fiberglass support system. The cool surface for the sow and warm surface for the piglets provides a comfortable surface for both, reduces the crush factor, and improves your mortality rate.

    Our cast iron sow center provides a cool surface for the sow while the plastic creep area provides a warm surface for the piglets. This combination will keep the piglets on the warm plastic surface and reduce the crush factor.
    Our raised sow center provides a better access to teats for nursing. The cast iron is raised 1" (26mm) which puts the teats in the optimal position while the piglets stay safe in the creep area.
    Fits most farrowing crate dimensions. Available with raised or flat cast sow center.
    Dura-Tuff plastic creep floor can also be used with Dura-Tuff Plastic Sow Floor Tri-Bar®, woven wire, and coated wire sow centers.


Dura-Lock Brochure

Dura-Lock Anchoring Systemis The ultimate system to quickly attach penning and equipment to concrete slats.

    Dura-Lock allows you to bolt penning and equipment down from the top with no protruding bolt to injure animals. Dura-Lock also eliminates the need to cut and grind off bolts.
    Dura-Lock can be installed as easily as sliding it in the slot opening, turning and pulling the lock into place. Dura-Lock requires a one-inch wide opening for inserting the lock through the top. If you are unable to insert from the top you can insert from the bottom. A 3/8” hole or opening would be required for the bolt. Don't over tighten; hand tightening is all that is required to secure the bolt. Tool setting must not exceed 35-foot pounds of torque.
    Dura-Lock is made out of Dupont Super-Tuff Nylon providing superior impact and wear resistance.
    Dura-Lock is designed with a hex nut embedded inside the Dupont Super-Tuff Nylon. Each Dura-Lock includes a 3/8" x 4" stainless steel bolt and washer. Dura-Lock Fasteners are conveniently packaged and sold in quantities of 100.

    **Dura-Lock has been designed for concrete slat application and may not be appropriate for use in all other applications.


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