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  AP is a division of The GSI Group, Inc. the world's largest manufacturer of corrugated, galvanized steel feed storage tanks (from the smallest feed tanks to massive 100 feet/31 meters tall, 15000+ ton capacity commercial giants). This gives AP the ability to accommodate virtually any storage requirements you might have. Plus, we can provide all the equipment and accessories necessary to load, unload and condition your feed.
AP Feed Storage TanksAP Feed Storage TanksAP Feed Storage TanksAP Feed Storage Tanks

Precision Quality Bin Roofs
Roof panels are precision manufactured using die-form tooling to provide consistent quality. Both 30°
and 40° roofs feature reinforcing ribs at each roof
seam for added strength and rigidity.

Precision Quality Bin Roofs


60° & 67° Hopper Slopes
Available in 60° and 67° slopes in either a 16” or 22” hopper opening, AP hopper panels are die-formed with rounded corners and down-turned sealing edges for safety and a weather tight fit. 60 & 67 Degree Hopper SlopesAssembly with rounded, truss-head bolts reducescontent “bridging”.



Auto Lock Tank Lids
AP’s patented “Auto-Lock” lid system allows the bin to be opened, closed and locked from the ground. The lid swings open a full 180° eliminating interference with fill augers.

Auto Lock Tank Lids



                              View Windows

                 View Windows

                         Go with the Sure-Flo           


                                        Drip Lip 

                 Drip Lip



Save yourself a trip up and down the feed tank ladder with AP’s optional view windows in either a sidewall or hopper panel mount. Feed levels insideView Windows
the tank can be quickly and easily monitored at a glance.



An available option for 16” to 22” hoppers, Sure-Flo directs feed down the hopper of the bin rather than
down the center creating a first in, first out feed Sure-Floflow. The gentle movement of the heavy walled molded cone enhances flow as feed passes over it. The Sure-Flo support bracket easily bolts to the hopper collar of new or existing feed bins.



AP’s drip lip water deflection system is a one-of-a-kind, roll-formed bottom sheet edge which forces water away from the hopper and lower boot area, giving complete weather protectionAP Drip Lip Design
without a loss in capacity.



                                   Sure-Flo                                    AP Solid Connections



Optional Hopper Valves
AP’s easy access hopper valve for hopper-bottomHopper Valves bins provides a simple, effective solution to accessing a small amount of material* to a location not serviced by the auger system.

*Recommended up to 15 ton maximum, this valve should be mounted no higher than 2” above the hopper valve collar. This valve is to be used for drawing small amounts of material only and not as the primary outlet. Failure to comply with correct use will voidwarranty.

Hopper Valves


Factory formed Fill Kits
Exclusive pre-punched, extruded lip roof panels for the optional pneumatic fill-kit eliminate the inconvenience and difficulty of field-cutting fill and exhaust tube openings, and insuring secure, moisture-proof seals.

Fill Kits      Fill Kits


Side Ladders and Ladder Cages
A unique, non-interfering safety rail and fully die-formed, sectional side ladder provide solidSide Ladders, comfortable access. Ladder rungs are dimpled for better footing in inclement weather. Ladder cages are also available on tanks with an eave height of 20’ and higher for additional security when ascending or descending the tank.

Ladder Cage




Rigid AugersRigid Augers
Rigid 4”, 6”, and 8” augers are available to meet your specific capacity requirements. AP 8” and larger rigid augers are equipped with exclusive Dura-Edge™ flighting that last 30% longer than regular flighting.


  Rigid Auger Specifications


  Boot & Unloaders  

Boots & Unloaders
AP offers several boot styles including straight drop, 30°, and double boot models. All are chemically blended with specially formulated ultraviolet inhibitors and impact modifiers to enhance durability and resilience. AP’s clear boot models Boots & Unloadersprovide an easy visual of bin feed levels. In addition, AP unloaders are available for 2.2” (55mm), 3” (75mm), 3.5” (90mm) and 5” (125mm) Flex Flo™ or 4” and 6” rigid auger systems.

Straight Drop Boot      30 Degree Drop Boot      

 Straight Drop Boot            30° Drop Boot


                         6’ - 15’ Diameter Bulk Feed Tank Specifications

Bulk Feed Tank Specifications


6’-15’ Bulk Feed Tanks (BFT - 60 & 67 Degree Hoppers)

  • Designed for the storage of free flowing material having a maximum • density of 40 lbs. per cubic foot.
  • Bushel capacities are calculated with no compaction and to full cubic foot capacities.
  • Weight capacities are calculated at 40 lbs. per cubic foot.

Warning! Non-free flowing materials including (but not limited to) soybean meal and meat by-products should not be stored in these tanks due to their inherent nature of bridging. Check with your material supplier on the flowability of your product prior to purchaseing a tank. If in doubt about a specific product, contact the AP engineering department for additional recommendations. Some features are optional and may be available only on certain models. Consult your local AP dealer for details. All specifications subject to change without notice.


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