Dosatron Medicators, Injector Pumps, Proportional Chemical Injectors


  Lange Ag Systems is an authorized Dosatron parts dealer and repair facility.  We repair most brands of medicators, injector pumps, proportional chemical injectors.  Please call us at 320-231-1470 for more information and special pricing.



Dosatron’s water-powered, chemical dispensers and medicators automatically compensate for flow and pressure changes providing consistent, repeatable results for your animals.

   The NEW Dosatron DM11F Diaphragm provides:

   • Enhanced features, providing longer lasting parts
   • The ability to work under the toughest conditions
   • The highest quality diaphragm medicator on the market
The DM11F is still the perfect choice for weaners with flow as low as .02 GPM.

  Dosatron’s line of medicators can accurately dispense:

   • Antibiotics and vitamins
   • Electrolytes
   • Chlorine
   • Hydrogen peroxide
   • Vinegar and iodine
   • Line cleaners
   • Nutritional supplements











                                                        All units include: mounting bracket, suction hose, weighted strainer, and operating manual.

                                                                     Please review the basic installation drawing for  recommended accessories.

                                                                                                              MAXIMUM TEMPERATURE: 104 °F


Dosatron Products and Parts

                                                                                                                       (Available Only by Special Order)


Lange Ag Product#

Part #




Dosatron 7 gal/min. built in by-pass



Dosatron 7 gal/min

    Dosatron Hookup Complete
200-0100 DI6211 Dosatron PO11 Cover w/OBP
200-1000 DI6365 Dosatron 200 Mesh Cartridge.
200-1050 DI6350 Dosatron J002VT Top Seal
200-1100 DI6351 Dosatron J003VT Btm Seal
200-1150 DI6352 Dosatron Top Cap O-Ring (J042)
200-1151   Dosatron Push Rod P008
200-1152 DI6375 Dosatron Piston Rod Plunger P000
200-1154 DI6372 Dosatron Valve Slide Spring M003
200-1156 DI6357 Dosatron Piston Shell P013
200-1158 DI6368 Dosatron Slide Pin SS M005
200-1160 DI6355 Dosatron Actuator Spring M009 (7GPM)
200-1162   Dosatron J042 Top Cap 0-R
200-1200   Dosatron M2 P2 Strain
200-1250 DI6370 Dosatron P001 4’ Suc. Hose
200-1260 DI6369 Dosatron Black Stem
200-1262   Dosatron Slide Valve
200-1264   Dosatron MP014 Wishbone
200-1300 DI6378  



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