Chemilizer Medicators, Injector Pumps, Proportional Chemical Injectors

   Lange Ag Systems is an authorized Chemilizer parts dealer and repair facility.  We repair most brands of medicators, injector pumps, proportional chemical injectors.  Please call us at 320-231-1470 for more information and special pricing.



 Chemilizer is a precision line of volumetric chemical injectors utilizing years of proven diaphragm technology. Powered by the existing water supply, the internal motor drives the chemical pump, injecting very precise amounts of chemical - either directly back into the flow or to a remote location. The speed of the motor and pump are proportional to the water flow, ensuring Chemilizer will inject consistent amounts of chemical regardless of fluctuation in water pressure and flow. Chemilizer injectors are ideal for applications requiring a consistent level of chemical product to be injected into a water line, without the cost and hassle of an electronic pump.


Chemilizer's flexible, design makes it the perfect fit for many operations.

  • Water powered, no electricity needed! Chemilizer injectors are immune to electrical surge and power failure. The water powered motor works even when your lights are not!
  • Backed by a Two-Year Motor Warranty
  • Handles a wide range of water flow rates: .5-13 GPM
  • Corrosion Resistant Construction - Silicone and Viton components available to withstand your most aggressive chemicals.
  • Resistant to wear and tear: The chemical is injected after the motor preventing chemical contact with critical motor parts.
  • Tailor it to your specific dilution needs: Six dilution ratios available on HN55.  The CP33 provides adjustable chemical injection rates.

Chemilizer injectors are perfect in many industries and applications including:

            Car Wash and Detailing                       Metal Processing
            Agriculture                                             Printing

            Animal Health                                        Water Treatment

            Horticulture                                            Pet Grooming
            Fertigation                                               Pest Control

HN55 Series

The HN55 is a proportional liquid chemical injector that injects a precise amount of chemical in proportion to a volume of water. The HN55 runs off of water flow, rather than electricity.  The HN55 can run off of water flows as low as one gallon per hour, and will work with gravity via a water drop of as little as 5 feet (1.5 meters)!

Features & Benefits

  • Durable and rugged performance
  • Simple to install
  • Quick and easy maintenance

Product Options:

HN55 Series ChartChemalizer Injector


HN55 Proportional Chemical Injector No. CH9000

Chemalizer HN55

For a detailed view of the Water Motor click here





                                     Chemilizer Repair Parts


Lange Ag Part# Prod #
FG5001 Motor Rebuild Kit
120-0510-27 FG8013
FG 8013 Top Cap Assembly
Main Top Body Assemby
*FG8015 Main Bottom Body Assembly
*FG8016 Bottom Cap Assembly
120-0510-25 FG8019
Inlet Tee Assemby
120-0510-26 FG8020
Outlet Tee Assemby
120-0510-29 FG8023
Twist Air Vent Assembly
120-0510-3 FG9927
Chemical Hose Assembly
*F11001 (x2) Jaco Nut 1/4”
F11010 Jaco Elbow 45 - 4 - 4
*F11020 Cap for Injection Hose 1/4”
120-0510-38 FG5040 Inlet / Outlet Valve Assembly
120-0510-8 FG5042
Pivot Arm Assemby
120-0510-7 FG5043
Actuator Arm Assemby
120-0510-16 FG5003
Diaphragm Assembly
120-0510-21 FG8017
Top By-pass Assemby
*F13075 Piston Guide Insert
120-0510-28 F33006
Piston Clip
120-0510-6 F24060
Retaining Clip (set of 10)
120-0510-34 FG5031 PVC Filter Assembly
120-0510-36 FG5032 Suction Hose Assembly
120-0510-20 F24150 Brass Clamp 1/4” - Suction Hose
120-0510-19 F21015
Nut 10-32 - Body
120-0510-17 F22002
Screw 8 x 1/2 - Inlet /Outlet Tee
120-0510-18 F22005
Screw 10-32 S.S. - Body


Motor Rebuild Kit
O-Rings 009
O-Rings 119
O-Rings 159
Inlet/Outlet Valve Assembly
Pivot Arm Assembly
Actuator Arm Assembly
Diaphragm Assembly
Top By-Pass Assembly

Complete Units

Lange Ag Part# Prod #    
*CH6000 CP33 Chemical Injector - Complete Unit
120-0510 CH9000 HN55 Chemical Injector - Complete Unit

O-Rings / Water Motor

Lange Ag Part# Prod #    
*F12018 O-Ring 009 Buna - Main Body
F12218 O-Ring 109 E.P. - Inlet / Outlet Valves
120-0510-24 F12232
116 Tension Band
*F12238 O-Ring 119 Buna - Inlet / Outlet Tees
*F12318 O-Ring 159 Buna - Body Caps
Water Supply Hoses (Set of 2)
120-0510-10 FG8001 Water Supply Hoses 3’ x 1/2” (set of 2)
FG8002 Water Supply Hoses 3’ x 3/4” (set of 2)



Pumps, Pump Parts / Assemblies

Lange Ag Part# Prod #    
120-0510-14 FG9009
Pump Stem 1:128 Viton Assembly
  FG9010 Pump Stem 1:100 Viton Assembly
  FG9011 Pump Stem 2:100 Viton Assembly
  FG9020 Pump Stem 2:128 Viton Assembly
  FG9022 Pump Stem 1:250 Viton Assembly
  FG9025  Pump Stem 1:500 Viton Assembly
  FG9109 Pump Stem 1:128 Silicone Assembly
  FG9110 Pump Stem 1:100 Silicone Assembly
  FG9111 Pump Stem 2:100 Silicone Assembly
  FG9120 Pump Stem 2:128 Silicone Assembly
  FG9122 Pump Stem 1:250 Silicone Assembly
120-0510-13 FG9209-V
Pump 1:128 Viton Assembly
  FG9210-V Pump 1:100 Viton Assembly 
  FG9211-V Pump 2:100 Viton Assembly
  FG9220-V Pump 2:128 Viton Assembly
  FG9222-V Pump 1:250 Viton Assembly
  FG9225-V Pump 1:500 Viton Assembly
  FG9309 Pump 1:128 Silicone Assembly
  FG9310 Pump 1:100 Silicone Assembly 
  FG9311 Pump 2:100 Silicone Assembly 
  FG9320 Pump 2:128 Silicone Assembly
  FG9322 Pump 1:250 Silicone Assembly
120-0510-2 FG9409-V
Pump Rebuild 1:128 Viton Kit
  FG9410-V Pump Rebuild 1:100 Viton Kit
  FG9411-V Pump Rebuild 2:100 Viton Kit
  FG9420-V Pump Rebuild 2:128 Viton Kit
  FG9422-V Pump Rebuild 1:250 Viton Kit
  FG9425-V Pump Rebuild 1:500 Viton Kit
  FG9509 Pump Rebuild 1:128 Silicone Kit
  FG9510 Pump Rebuild 1:100 Silicone Kit
  FG9511 Pump Rebuild 2:100 Silicone Kit
  FG9520 Pump Rebuild 2:128 Silicone Kit
  FG9522 Pump Rebuild 1:250 Silicone Kit
  F14010 Ceramic Sleeve 1%
  F14011 Ceramic Sleeve 2%
  F15504 Disk Check Valve 2% Viton
  F15104 Disk Check Valve 2% Silicone
Disk Check Valve 1% Silicone
  F15404 Disk Check Valve 1% Viton
  FG9936-V Pump Cap 1% Viton Assembly
  FG9936 Pump Cap 1% Silicone Assembly
  FG9937 Pump Cap 2% Silicone Assembly
  FG9937-V Pump Cap 2% Viton Assembly
  F12234 O-Ring 117 Viton - Pump Housing



CP33 Flow Meters

Lange Ag Part# Prod #    
120-0510-22 *FG6206
GPH/OPH Meter Calibrated for 2:100 Chemical  Pump
  *FG6306 GPH/OPH Meter Calibrated for 1:100 Chemical  Pump
  *FG6406 GPH/OPH Meter Calibrated for 1:128 Chemical  Pump
  *FG6206M LPH/MLH Meter Calibrated for 2:100 Chemical  Pump
  *FG6306M LPH/MLH Meter Calibrated for 1:100 Chemical  Pump
  *F11120 3/4” Swivel Hose Adapter
  *FG6107 1/2” Flow Meter Hose
  *FG6117 3/4” Flow Meter Hose
  *FG6108 Flow Meter Elbow
  *F16070 End Cap
Injection Fitting (Tee)
  FG6014   Universal Injection Fitting (Tee)
Installation Kits (Recommended)
  FG6001-G   3/4” Install Kit (Gate Valve)
  FG6002-G   1” Install Kit (Gate Valve)
  FG6003-G   1-1/4” Install Kit (Gate Valve)
  FG6004-G   1-1/2” Install Kit (Gate Valve)
  FG6005-G   2” Install Kit (Gate Valve)
  FG6021   3/4” Install Kit (WYE)
  FG6022   1” Install Kit (WYE)
  FG6023   1-1/4” Install Kit (WYE)
  FG6024   1-1/2” Install Kit (WYE)
  FG6025   2” Install Kit (WYE)
  FG9999   3/4” Install Kit (Gate Valve for HN55)
Installation Parts
  F24030   3/4” Gate Valve
  F24031   1” Gate Valve
  F24032   1-1/4 Gate Valve
  F24033   1-1/2 Gate Valve
  F24034   2” Gate Valve
  F11080   3/4” Pressure WYE
  F11081   1” Pressure WYE
  F11082   1 1/4” Pressure WYE
  F11083   1 1/2” Pressure WYE
  F11084   2” Pressure WYE
  *F13025   PE Tube 3/16” x 1/4” x 1/16” Chemical (sold by the inch)
  F13050   VYN Tube 1/4” x 3/8” x 1/16” - Suction (sold by the inch)
  F16080   Cap Hose Washer
  F24300   Attacher Tool
  F24310   Removal Tool
  F53001   Silicone Lube




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