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Loftness GL System 10 Grain Bagging Machine




The benefits of having a Grain Bag Storage System for grain bagging is that the harvest will not be delayed waiting for storage to become available on the farm or elsewhere.  The grain bags can be put in the field where harvesting is taking place or anywhere on the farm.  Grains can be stored in a cost-effective way and the high price of freight during harvest can be avoided by negotiating a freight rate on a back load or by shopping around for after-harvest rates.  Grain can then be freighted after harvest, freeing up time during the busy harvest season.




The ultimate platform for loading grain bags.

The Loftness GL System 10 Grain Bag Loader is a perfectly balanced and controlled workhorse. All across North America, millions of bushels of grain have been loaded and stored because of its ease of use and rugged reliability. Equipment with consistent, on-demand performance, like that delivered by the GL System 10 Grain Bag Loader, can only come from the leader in grain bagging equipment innovation - Loftness.

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Loftness Grainlogix GL10 Grain Bag Loader



Capacity and speed meets ease of use.

With the capacity to load a 1000-bushel trailer in about 7 minutes, the Loftness GL-10 Grain Bag Unloader out-performs the competition not only in speed but in ruggedness and consistency. Stable site- to-site transportation, fast set-up, easy operation and straight forward maintenance makes the GL-10 GBU an indispensable part of your grain bag storage strategy.

The power to bring your grain bag storage operations full circle.

Loftness developed the GBU-10 Bag Unloader around the idea that getting your product out of the bag and to market, should be just as fast and easy as it was loading it into the bag. The unique design and list of innovative features of the GBU-10, make it the best choice for grain storage operations. Like all GrainLogix equipment, the GBU-10 is extremely well balanced. In fact, the complete roller assembly can be swung into position by hand. Smooth operation is ensured with a computer balanced main auger supported by greaseable bearings on both ends.



Loftness Grainlogix GL10 Grain Bag Unloader Machine


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Reliability, versatility and speed.

Every aspect of the GL System 10 Truck Auger has been designed and engineered to make your grain bagging operations more efficient and productive. Perfectly matched for the GL-10 Bag Loader, it builds a powerful system that is unrivaled in the grain bagging industry. Agriculture professionals recognize and require the reliability, versatility and speed that comes from design experience and skilled craftsmanship. They look to the leader in grain bagging equipment innovation - Loftness.

When the challenge is time, you can count on the performance of the GL System 10 Truck Auger.

With a transfer rate of 11,600 bushels per hour, your semi drivers will have more time to get the next load. But speed isn't the only advantage GL-10 Truck Auger owners appreciate. Loftness approached the development of the GrainLogix line of grain bagging equipment with the understanding that the most important component of your grain bagging strategy is the quality and reliability of the equipment you use. Talk with any GrainLogix equipment owner and you'll hear the same story —consistent performance load after load.



Loftness Grainlogix GL10 Truck Auger



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Other Benefits of a Grain Bag Storage System:

  • Grow, store and market niche crops on farm
  • Grains retain quality and color
  • Gives producer control and time to market the crop
  • Eliminates need to make hasty decisions on pricing commodities at harvest
  • Storage in a bumper season is unlimited
  • Reduces reliance on chemicals, helping to delay resistance






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