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  Lange Ag Systems is an authorized dealer of Ag-Bag Motorized Silage Baggers.The Ag-Bag X1114 Professional sets the standard for high capacity productivity.  It is the highest capacity, most productive silage bagger in the history of the industry.


Ag-Bag X114 Professional Silage Bagger

 X1114 Professional Ag-Bagger Brochure

Miller Ag-Bag introduces the highest capacity, most productive silage bagger in the history of the industry.  The Ag-Bag X1114 Professional sets the standard for high capacity productivity.  It is the highest capacity, most productive silage bagger in the history of the industry.

The massive 14’ tunnel and 11’ low position rotor allows you to pack up to 30% more silage in a day than a traditional 12’ silage bagger.

Fully electronic CANbus controls provide true “fly-by-wire” operation as well as full on-board diagnostics of all primary and secondary machine functions. Operator comfort is second to none in the pressurized 90 Series Deluxe Cab with air-ride seat and easy access ladder & platform.

The X1114 features dual-mode steering, two speed propulsion, throttle and rotor engagement, as well as load-governing feed table.

The X1114 Professional boasts state of the art performance and productivity, outstanding operator creature comforts, as well as the latest advancements in fuel efficiency and emissions reductions through the use of powerful 580hp CAT C15 Tier III diesel engines.

The X1114 Professional Ag-Bagger is introduced after two years of extensive development and field testing. It features Miller-engineered design enhancements including: 14’ Silage Bagger

  • X1114 Professional packs 25% more than a 12’ bagger
  • 580 hp CAT C15 Tier III engine for high performance
  • Longer tunnel with low rotor position for uniform packing
  • All new cab comfort and control upgrades
  • Plus improvements in maneuverability, braking systems and much more



                                                        Additional X1114

  • Gear driven air compressor with air outlet
  • S - cam air brakes
  • 2 parking brakes - anchor locks
  • Cast alloy tine caps
  • Remote grease lines
  • Endless feed table belt
  • Automatic feed table control
  • Fold down feed table sides

Professional Features

  • Hydraulic tunnel clean-out
  • Hydraulically driven upper beater
  • Rotor driven lower beater
  • Hydraulic bag pan
  • Hydraulic bag boom and collapsible cradle
  • Twin anchor systems
  • Hydraulic lift stands


  Easy Access & Serviceability
We know that every minute counts during bagging and that time-consuming maintenance can cost you valuable hours and productivity. That’s why we have
the best solutions for reliability, durability, and ease of servicing. Work platforms are strategically placed on the machine for improved access for maintenance. Catwalks with rails have been added to provide safety while refueling and performing certain maintenance procedures.




Microprocessor-Controlled Hydraulic Clutch
The X1114 Professional features an HPTO15
microprocessor-controlled hydraulic clutch
designed specifically for diesel engines. It uses
the machine’s existing hydraulic system and
the controller’s automated start-up sequence allows the operator to engage the clutch with the push of a button.



Single-Pass Cooling System
The X1114 offers an easy-to-clean “side-by-side”
cooling system to allow for more efficient and cooler air to flow through all six cores. Unlike layered front-to-back cooling systems, where progressively warmer air is drawn through, cool air is available to each core in a single pass, resulting in substantially improved cooling performance.



Power to the Rotor
Horsepower is one thing, but transferring it from the engine to the rotor is another. Smooth 14 groove
Kevlar V-belts transfer power from the engine to the
large GB13000 planetary, driving the massive eleven foot “full width” working rotor, resulting in a high capacity feed intake system.



Hydraulic 4-Wheel-Drive
Throughout the X1114 Professional Ag-Bagger
you will find that we’ve built it with your tough
demands in mind. The X1114 Professional is
driven by four Class 5 Black Bruin wheel drive
motors. They feature a compact design, rotating
housing, superior starting torque, smooth
low-speed operation, and mechanical free-wheel capabilities for long life and outstanding

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Deluxe 90 Series Cab
Operator comfort is a top priority. We want you to
spend your working hours in quiet comfort, with a panoramic view of the full operation. With the new electronic steering, convenient armrest controls and column mounted function center, there is no console or other obstructions to impair the operator’s field of vision. Roomy, with an instructional seat, and standard AC, the Deluxe Cab makes long days shorter.

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Convenient, Easy Access Controls
Joystick steering allows all steering functions to be controlled with one hand. Even switching between cab-end and engine-end steering is done with a switch right on the joystick. The LCD display provides service and information alerts. Easily track
engine, clutch, electrical and hydraulic performance.

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